If the world is changing, why should Training not change?

Growing with Inverse Training®:

the answer to conventional training's declining effectiveness

We all know: conventional training
does not work like it used to anymore!

This is neither the fault of teachers nor of trainees: simply, conventional training is used to acquire knowledge about "more things", whereas today we already know so many "things" as to hamper further learning.
Building expertise in the most powerful and effective way means making sense of acquired knowledge to be able to really put it to good use.
This is what InverseTraining® was conceived for: a different system of education in which he who facilitates the learning experience is not primarily a content provider, but guides the dynamics of the learning effort so as to reach the training's objectives through a group process.
Born from a collaboration in experimental research conducted by training experts and psychologists in Rome and Palo Alto (California), this pragmatic approach, available from January 2015 in Italy and soon to be launched in California and in New York, significantly reduces learning time and training costs, enhancing understanding, motivation and the immediate putting to use of newly acquired knowledge.
Improving oneself and enhancing one's competence has naturally become simple and economical.


Each session lasts two hours, the attendance can be weekly, biweekly or monthly.
Courses are available to both organizations of all types and to private individuals and generally take place in four, eight, or twelve sessions: the group itself decides its own study plan and modifies it in the process, if it deems it necessary.
Only qualified catalysts accredited through a specific InverseTraining® certification course and authorized to use the InverseTraining® registered trademark can conduct courses in iT® format.
Typically a certified InverseTraining® InTra Catalyst is a freelance professional who works independently with organizational, administrative and commercial autonomy, but can also be a staff member of an organization on whose behalf he or she operates.
An organization that decides to train its staff using the Inverse Training® method may apply:
1. directly to this portal or to the info@inversetraining.com email, or
2. to an accredited InTra Catalyst, as an independent freelancer, or yet,
3. to itself, by having a staff member or a professional of their choice become certified in the iT® method in one of the dedicated courses. As for courses organized directly by the Inverse Training® organization the final cost is US$ 50 per person per session. Course topics can be selected or requested directly through the portal and the attendance vouchers can be purchased via this website, or directly in the training hall, by agreement with the team leader..